What are the benefits of using Liquid Finance

Most staking platforms will not allow you to exit a staking position earlier than the expiry date. Using Liquid finance gives you an option to sell this position without any hassle.

Where can I sell my positions?

Locked positions are tokenized into NFTs, so technically you can sell NFTs on any available NFT Marketplace out there. We are gonna launch in-house marketplace with much lower fee and better user experience. Stay tuned!

What types of assets can I stake?

Right now, our platform offers only staking for CAKE tokens.

Where does yield come from?

By staking CAKE through our protocol, tokens are eventually staked into Pancakeswap Staking pool to accrue CAKE reward.

Can I withdraw CAKE before maturity?

No, you can't.

Because CAKE is locked in Pancakeswap Staking pool. However, you can sell entire locked position to someone else via Marketplace. We recommend to split your CAKE into multiple positions, make it easier to find a buyer.

Can I deposit more CAKE into existing position?

No, you can't.

Deposit more CAKE into existing position will result reseting the lock, causing lower APY unless you extend lock duration. That's not ideal.

A better approach is open new position, so that you can maintain APY and lock duration.

Why do I have EMPTY position?

EMPTY position means there is no CAKE locked in it. There are 2 scenarios make it happen

  • When creating a new position, it requires 3 transactions to be completed. If you don't finish 3rd transaction (deposit), the position will be EMPTY.

  • When claiming a mature position, CAKE is unlocked from Staking pool and transfer to users. The position will be EMPTY.

There is no issue with EMPTY position, anytime you can lock CAKE into it by using Deposit action.

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