How to deposit into EMPTY vault

After claimed, the vault will be at EMPTY state, mean it's ready to re-deposit (reuse vault)

This page will guide you how to deposit into EMPTY vault.

Step 1

From My Positions page, select position you wanted to deposit.

Step 2

Deposit Form will be open

From here, input:

  • Amount of $CAKE you would like to lock.

  • Duration (in weeks if you are locking $CAKE)

Step 3

Since we are reusing vault, there is not need to create new vault (save gas), so that there are only 2 transactions required:

  • Approve to allow vault to spend your $CAKE.

  • Lock $CAKE to cake pool.

After signed all 2 transactions, you should see vault has locked $CAKE inside at My Positions page.

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